Dry Eye


Tears Lubricate, clean and nourish the sensitive cornea, the window of the eye. they are essential for its health and comfort.

Tears are produced by the tear gland situated in the upper lid. Tears also contain oily substances made by other glands in the eyelid. These enable the tears to cling to the surface of the cornea.

The front of the eye is constantly bathed by tears; they spread over the surface by blinking.Finally, they drain away into the nose and throat through small drainage glands situated on the inner lids.


What Causes Dry Eyes?

  • When Insufficient tears are made by the tear gland.This may happen as a person grows older, or it may sometimes be associated with conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis.
  • When there is a lack of some oily substances in the tears.This can cause and uneven covering of the tears on the front of the eye.It may also allow tears to evaporate quickly, or  to run straight off the eye.

Both of these is lack of some of the oily substances in the tears. This can cause and uneven covering of tears on the front of the eye. It may also allow tears to evaporate quickly, or to run straight off the eye.

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