ALCON- Lensx Femtosecond Laser


Elevating precision and efficiency in cataract refractive surgery


It’s no wonder that the LenSx® Laser is used in more cataract surgeries worldwide than any other femtosecond laser.1 The system’s evolving technology has been used in more than 400,000 cataract refractive procedures worldwide.1 In fact, more than 3,500 surgeons are trained to use the system in 67 countries.1 The benefits are numerous:

  • Enhanced procedure automation
  • Precise and customizable incision architecture
  • Pristine capsulotomies
  • Versatile fragmentation patterns
  • Simple and efficient one-piece patient interface
  • Innovative, high-definition OCT technology

Optimized for cornea, capsule and lens

The LenSx® Laser is designed to make clean, geometrically pristine incisions on every plane of the anterior chamber.

Complex corneal work automated and simplified

1ce516e2b053aaf1a323e64ad129d97fThe LenSx® Laser system is designed to accurately create complex corneal incisions.

  • Corneal thickness is imaged in real time
  • Centration and radial placement are automated
  • Designed to produce precise and reproducible primary, secondary and arcuate corneal incisions
  • FDA-cleared for corneal flap creation (future capability)

The LenSx® Laser’s OCT technology delivers actual high-resolution cross-sectional images for every cut at the location where the cuts are actually performed.

  • Circle scans: images of the entire eye, unrolled in 360 degrees to capture maximum tilt of the lens
  • Line scans: cross-sectional views of the eye to a depth of 8.5 mm without stitching images together
  • Combination of scans ensures precise placement of all laser treatments by positioning the line scan along the axis of maximum tilt
  • Efficient auto-centration, scanning and image-processing

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